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Food & Your Mood

I love ‘Soups’ so much, especially when the weather gets colder.

Enjoy my ‘Soup Soul, Soul Soup’ many soulful recipes, made from the heart….

‘Soup Soul’ for Soul Therapy

I love rumbling through my veg box and sourcing spices, leading me to create something nourishing for both my mind, body and soul.

Exploring a Yogic diet….All About nutrition….Whilst raising your vibration….Food & Your Mood!!!

Looking into the mind, body, and the digestive system. Allowing the mind and body to keep a healthy relationship and balance with food.

Please enjoy this growing page inspired by ‘Food & Mood’.

A Natural, plant based mixture for my cough & cold.

Fresh Orange, for vitamin C & the sweetness. No need for honey. Lemon & of course Ginger. With a dash of Turmeric.

I like to say...Ginger hot spice to shock! The cold & cough out of the body!

Turmeric, is an amazing natural spice that encourages flexibility to the joints. And is also known as an anti- inflammatory.

In the Caribbean ‘Ginger‘ is used to season food, giving it a natural heat & spice flavour.

Little fact: It is was also used to reduce bacteria in meat, because of the hot climate.

Orange has a wonderful natural sweet flavour & is rich in the vitamin C, to assist you with restoring healthy happy Cells.

Not just a foot scrub!…You can request a Bespoke Winter Whipped Body Butter too!

I am totally in love with my Green tea, Tea-tree,Peppermint & Lime blend it is a fantastic natural anti-bacterial gem!

Natural Anti-bacterial

Peppermint, giving you a vibrant & cool spring in your step! Helping to protect you from coughs,colds & those germs & sneezes!

Whipped Body Butter 200ml & 130ml infused with essential oils are now available on site.

*Sssssh for a limited time no post packaging price!

*T&C All you need to do is follow, like, comment on your chosen blend & take a photo when you receive your order on Instagram. @chakraamour

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