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Introducing ‘Chakra Amour’

This is truly a continuous journey through the Chakra’s for me. My personal practice as become intense and more challenging to maintain well-being.



I open my heart to share the importance of creating self love, self care.


Balance Your Chakras with Kundalini Yoga, Crystal & Aromatherapy

The Seven Chakra's

Chakra Energy

I am excited to introduce Chakra Amour’. Over the years through personal experience, education and training. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as supported and encouraged me to remain authentic through out my practice and life. I continuously get asked for suggestions regarding women’s health, stress management and how can I maintain my well-being?


How can I relieve stress, physically and psychologically in order to keep up with my busy life, how can I release this dis-ease?

I found myself during conversation talking about the ‘Chakras’, energy, depression, negativity, moods, nutrition and the cause and effects to an imbalance; Almost always sharing my personal skincare, routine and what I do to maintain my well-being and explaining why and how to incorporate, invite an holistic lifestyle for change.
Introducing a Blissful Bountiful Beautiful range of treatments that incorporate holistic therapies.
Aromatherapy, kundalini Yoga postures and Breathing Techniques into your daily lives. Become aware of the Chakras this can help to release tension and dis-ease in order to maintain your well-being, answer the need for balance.
CHAKRA AMOUR gives all of the above, what you are asking for! A range of Holistic treatments and products that will benefit the mind, body and soul. Specific essential oils, crystals and yogic postures are carefully selected and combined into treatments to support and assists you in maintaining balance and harmony in your life through awakening the Chakra’s to heal yourself.

Book an appointment for a prescriptive treatment

Introducing *NEW* Holistic Health, Well-being & Therapies.

Thursdays 9am-12pm

Chakra Amour Therapies

Starting in November

The Bristol Therapy Rooms

10-12 Picton Street Bristol. 10-12 Picton St, Bristol


A Fusion of Crystal, Aromatherapy, Holistic Therapies and Kundalini Yoga


Chakra Amour

Body Souffle, Body butter, Sugar and Salt Scrubs infused with essential oils

Blissful News Chakra Amour Range is now available


Satya ‘The Holistic Entrepreneur’ will be re-launching

‘Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga’

Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga My passion to learn destiny to share as led me to a path in education and training. Learn to ‘Release, Relax , Unwind & allow your beauty to flow inside & out’. Maintain balance & harmony in exercise, ‘Create Self Love’.

Seasonal Work shops, talks and classes to enhance your yoga practice and well-being with ‘Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga’


Tuesdays 2pm-3.30pm

Kundalini Yoga Classes Starts in November at

Yoga Sara

10-12 Picton Street Bristol BS6 5QA

Sessions £10


click the link below to book with MoveGB

move logo


Yoni Yoga

Awaken the Feminine Goddess within’ with ‘Yoni Yoga’ Holistic Sexual Empowerment.

This is a wonderful practice to enhance feminine beauty, whilst embracing the cycles of change. Biologically and medically the structure and support of the pelvic floor can sometimes change throughout a women’s life cycle. The changes in hormone levels, weight gain or trauma are just some examples of how a female can become incontinent, no longer be able to hold your stream of urine. This simply practice can prepare and help you forward into change by maintaining strength and awareness in your core and pelvic floor.

Yoga for Well-being

Be Well in Your Being

yoga seed

Pure Essence

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Tuesdays 2pm-3.30pm at Yoga Sara

Drop in £10 or Book through MoveGB

Purchase a Class Pass & get your first class 1/2 price

4 Class Pass £35

6 Class Pass £55

8 Class Pass £75

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