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What is a ‘Chakra’?

A ‘Chakra’ can be described as energy vortexes flowing through the body. There are 7 ‘Chakra’ points located within the body. Eight including the Aura.

They each carry a positive & negative attribute.
When these energy vortexes are out of balance, their negative or positive attribute can manifest physical and psychological changes in the personality, behaviour & or dis-ease in the body.
Each ‘Chakra’ has its own location, name, colour & characteristic. The location of each ‘Chakra’ as an association to the organs they are near to in the body.

The 7 ‘Chakra’s can be balanced & harmonised to work together in unison.

The Seven Chakra’s

1st Chakra ‘Root’, ‘Muladhara’ Colour ‘Red’. Your Security & Survival. Base of the spine, between the Anus and sexual organs.

2nd Chakra ‘Svadisthana’ Colour ‘Orange’. Sex Organs, your Creativity.

3rd Chakra Navel, ‘Manipura’ Colour Yellow’ Action & Balance.

4th Chakra Heart, ‘Anahata’ Colour ‘Green’ Love & compassion.

5th ‘Chakra Throat, Vishuddha’ Colour ‘Light Blue Projection Power of the word.

6th Chakra Third Eye, ‘Ajna’ Colour ‘Indigo’ Between the Brow Intuition, Wisdom & Identity.

7th Chakra Crown, ‘Sahasrara’ Colour Violet’ Crown of the head, Spirituality, Awareness.