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Trade Busyness for Creativeness…

Find balance using the science of Kundalini Yoga

Looking at balance and harmony…I searched for a photograph…and this came up exploring and explaining balance.
Sometimes we have to go within to find the balance we are looking for on the outside
See you on the mat…
Kundalini Yoga Meditation infused with Holistic Therapies.
Today’s session 2pm-3.30pm at Yoga Sara Bristol
We invite ourselves to find balance.
‘We have traded ‘Effectiveness’ for ‘Busyness’…-TD Jakes
Did you know we spend 80% of our time busy…and only 20% of our time doing what is really effective.

Come along to today’s yoga session. Make a trade, spend 80% doing something creative & effective to unlock your true potential to achieve and use 20% where it belongs Busyness in not achieving.

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Strengthen your Core & Create your own path…

This weeks yoga practice invited you to strengthen your core with a powerful, but simple Kyria called ‘Nahbi’.
We gathered and shared our thoughts on ever changing times, and the quest to return back to the ‘Norm’; which for some are now calling it the ‘New norm’.

In reality it isn’t possible to go back to the way things were, at all.
However there is a subtle force trying to move us all into an entanglement of going back to work, working from home, paying your bills, making purchases and generally going about your daily business.
You recognise things have changed when you try to set up a standing order, direct debit or make a payment online and things do not go to plan; so you have to call the bank and after more than 20 minutes, a recorded message says…

‘Due to the Corona Virus, your call cannot be accepted’. Shopping, due to the Corona Virus, there are no deliveries, or deliveries are running late, stocks are running low.
But again, in reality bills need to be payed…purchases need to be made how? When nobody is at the end of the phone line.
Almost everything is automated to no one at the end of the line…Taking cash payments is questionable…but money is still money.
Has we move forward into a zone…of ‘trying to get on’ we maybe faced with more challenging times, to complete simple daily chores, tasks and going about are working day.
Nahbi, is our core our centre of energy, our flow of Prana, life force.
I encourage you to create a new path, with choice, your choice to make decisions and actions that you can manage.
This will help maintain your Mental Health and Well-being, setting healthy boundaries to possibilities that you can see in the horizon.

Nahbi Kriya strengthens your core.

Giving power and strength to your digestive system and nervous system to help you eliminate waste effectively and redirect energy using the flow of movement and energy.

So here is food for thought Albert Einstein said…

Why are ‘you’ trying to go back?…To ‘norm’ disguising it as the ‘new norm

Create your path, your journey your life, to ensure you are the best of you. Release what no longer serves you. Prepare your mind, body and soul to stand to the test of times to come.

Step Up…’Make your own Grass, Greener’

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It’s Good Friday…

‘It’s Good Friday & all things are possible‘.

‘When nothing is certain anything is possible’

I am reflecting on the changes in life, that have encouraged us all to reset our lives. We are moving forward into new phases; this continues to send mixed signals, messages & directives that for some is challenging, or they must challenge, for clarity, to be heard & felt understood.

Book NOW to encourage & support a lifetime of change
Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga Meditation infused with Holistic Therapies is back at
Yoga Sara Studio Bristol

I invite you to book now, develop a mindful practice that will encourage peace & calm in navigating through life’s ups and downs.

This programme will support & guide you, by creating new patterns in how you make decisions and go about your daily life.

Releasing you from stagnant stress & persistent barriers from repetitive behaviours, that move you to procrastinate. Procrastination can lead to an imbalance in judgements and decisions.

Come along to Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga Meditation infused with Holistic Therapies.

Introduce yourself to a mindfulness practice that teaches you how to empower your lifestyle, decision making & actions in order to live a more fulfilled life.

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It’s Good Friday and it is time to Share Good News.

July 28th we will be returning the wonderful blissful space Yoga Sara.


What to Expect
A programme of 4, 6 or 8 weeks sessions of:
Themed Yoga Postures, Meditation, Sound, Yoga Nidra, Holistic Therapy & Well-being.
For Inspiration, Challenges & Guidance a set programme of Kundalini Yogic Anatomy & Energy, Lifestyle & Philosophy.

Back, feeling Bright & Beautiful

Due to social distancing:
All sessions are now in a block booking format. This will allow you to be safe whilst inviting you to build a personal practice by committing to the course. Each course must be Pre-Booked & Payed directly with myself Satya.
Via Website or

For more information & bookings please
Telephone: 07904315484
Direct Message:

So all that’s left is to Bring an Open heart, Open Mind; Your Water bottle, Yoga Mat, or something padded & something to Cover yourself during Deep Relaxation.