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🔔Ding! Dong!🔔 Last Orders….

Greetings Blissful Beings


Last orders

‘Monday 16th December’

for deliveries in the

🏷Bristol Area Only🏷

Blissful news

🎁All Bristol orders🎁

📧Email or ☎️call for

local production


🚚delivery🚚 times🚚

Telephone, text, email now! To make your order.

UK national area orders are now closed to try to meet seasonal delivery deadlines.

If you live in Bristol, Chakra Amour Whipped Body Butter & Scrubs can still be ordered & delivered by hand…for that last minute made with love purchase!!!

Wellness in production

Let your soul Glow & Aura rise & shine!

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Full Moon

Inhale the energy of the beautiful full moon!

Females take advantage of the last full moon of the year, to release and let go of what no longer serves you purpose.

Bring forward negative energy relationships that no longer blossom, so you can leave this all behind in 2019!

This is a time to go within to reach your truth, love and compassion to be at one with yourself.

Take time to heal and unwind to see your divine purpose.

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Made in Bristol Gift Fair

I am so excited to be taking part in the Made in Bristol Fair…Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th December at COLSTON HALL

Bristol Gift Fair

Made in Bristol, use your Bristol £

Busy Creating with Love, 100% Handmade, Natural, Authentic Organic Whipped Body Butter infused with Essential Oils to balance Your Chakra Energy…

Come & Explore an Holistic approach to stress relief, uplifting your energy to nourish your Mind, Body & Soul


The Eighth Chakra

We are approaching busy times …that can create a loss of balance, calm & harmony to self & life leading stressful times.

A life of stress is faced by those who forget living, and start hassling. When you are just living, there is no stress because you live as breath comes in– Yogi Bhajan

Come along to Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga & Meditation to Polish your ‘Aura’ Keep your Radiance & Glow…to be Great & Full.

Today 2pm-3.30pm Yoga Sara Bristol. Where we will be

‘Strengthening the Aura’


‘Protect & Project

The ‘Aura’ combines the effects of all the Chakra’s & constitutes their total projection.

The ‘Aura’ projects & protects.

Kundalini Yoga gently way to finding your path to Creating & setting healthy boundaries…knowing your limit…keep your ‘Soul Glow