Satnam Satya

Yogic & Holistic Life With Satya Prem Kaur the Holistic Entrepreneur


To share your unedited raw feed back, brings joy & laughter to my mind. Most of all encourages me to continue to be authentically creative in what brings me joy in sharing.

Thank so much….

“Is it possible for your skin to have an orgasm!….can I say this?”-M. Guthrie London 2018 Whipped Body Butter.

“It’s so thick and creamy….goes a long way…it just melts! And it isn’t greasy. –A Perryman London 2018

A gentle way, to strengthen my pelvic floor…& release tension & heal from birthing….Meditation & relaxation is really calming too

I love the gift & workshop…I realised I hold alot of tension in my lower back-S K Bristol Yoni Yoga Workshop 2018

Thumbs up…from M Ross for the Aura Scrub

Every one should have ‘Reiki’ it’s amazing…I can’t describe it….I feel ready to conquer the world! L Jones 2019.