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Trade Busyness for Creativeness…

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Find balance using the science of Kundalini Yoga

Looking at balance and harmony…I searched for a photograph…and this came up exploring and explaining balance.
Sometimes we have to go within to find the balance we are looking for on the outside
See you on the mat…
Kundalini Yoga Meditation infused with Holistic Therapies.
Today’s session 2pm-3.30pm at Yoga Sara Bristol
We invite ourselves to find balance.
‘We have traded ‘Effectiveness’ for ‘Busyness’…-TD Jakes
Did you know we spend 80% of our time busy…and only 20% of our time doing what is really effective.

Come along to today’s yoga session. Make a trade, spend 80% doing something creative & effective to unlock your true potential to achieve and use 20% where it belongs Busyness in not achieving.

Author: Satya

I am a fully qualified and practising holistic therapist, with a passion for holistic health and yogic life with over 10 years kundalini yoga experience. My given kundalini yogic name is ‘Satya Prem Kaur’, which means Princess of truth and love. I first tried kundalini yoga, looking for change in deep rooted habitual patterns, which I felt and began to realise was not only blocking me from my truth, but my creative potential. I began to attend regular classes workshops and retreats, and eventually after two years embarked on a transformative journey to become a level one kundalini yoga instructor. Kundalini is the yoga of science, and transformation. It open’s you up creative awareness, which works directly on the total energy of the seven ‘Chakra’s’. My growth in the benefits to the mind, body and soul has deepened with my kundalini practice, leading me to specialise in Meditation, Mantras, Food and the Mood, Cleansing practices, Feminine energy and the Breath. Sharing the teachings, not only in classes, workshops, one to one, blogs, personal practice and social media.

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