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Sunshine Out Door Yoga

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In the midst of what I call topsy-turvy information, directives & updates the time is now…


I have been blessed to reside in an area of Bristol that holds a blissful organic green ‘Breathing Space’ a large green open space.
Come along & create a time for peace, calm, leisure, recreation & self-love to maintain your Well-Being & Mental Health in an open space that allows you all to free & adhere to social distancing.
All ages, all levels no experience needed.
Each Outdoor Kundalini Yoga sessions will be for approximately 1.5 hours, by donation although no one will be turned away.
If there are rain drops & Chills, classes will continue via zoom on registration & payment you will receive access to this link.
Although, Space is unlimited I have only seven yoga mats available for use.
For more information safety, punctuality & clarity of numbers please register your space direct via phone 07904315484 email or DM @satyapremkaur via Instagram.
To ensure ease in finding location & a little chitter, chatter before session please arrive 1.30pm for a 2pm start.
How Can I Take Part?
Contact me direct to register, leaving your name & contact number. Make your donation on registration you will receive location.
The Path to freedom

Freedom is all around us.

What to Expect?
Learn a practice to help & assist you through day to day living.
Outdoor Yoga fun & freedom Creative flow of energy through Guidance & Support in Stretching, Breathing, Sound Affirmations & deep relaxation to maintain your Mental Health & Well-being.
What Should I Bring?
Yourself, Children or Both. An open heart & open mind. Water to drink. Something to lay on & a blanket or shawl to keep warm during relaxation.

Author: Satya

I am a fully qualified and practising holistic therapist, with a passion for holistic health and yogic life with over 10 years kundalini yoga experience. My given kundalini yogic name is ‘Satya Prem Kaur’, which means Princess of truth and love. I first tried kundalini yoga, looking for change in deep rooted habitual patterns, which I felt and began to realise was not only blocking me from my truth, but my creative potential. I began to attend regular classes workshops and retreats, and eventually after two years embarked on a transformative journey to become a level one kundalini yoga instructor. Kundalini is the yoga of science, and transformation. It open’s you up creative awareness, which works directly on the total energy of the seven ‘Chakra’s’. My growth in the benefits to the mind, body and soul has deepened with my kundalini practice, leading me to specialise in Meditation, Mantras, Food and the Mood, Cleansing practices, Feminine energy and the Breath. Sharing the teachings, not only in classes, workshops, one to one, blogs, personal practice and social media.

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