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1 minute Yogic Breath

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10 Day Breath Awareness Practice

Well done you’ve done the Math 60 seconds = 1 minute! Inhale 20 seconds, hold the breath in 20 seconds, Exhale 20 seconds!

Using the breath to encourage calm & relaxation can be a great benefit to the physical & emotional body, especially when experiencing pain, tension anxiety, worry or fear.

I use it to tap into happiness, joy, what made me feel happy, laugh & what I am grateful for. I also use it to manage my moods to identify anxiety or stress the cause & use it to manage issues, problems or a stressful situation. I feel it benefits me in identifying uninvited pain & anxiety too.

Openness to feeling one’s presence & the presence of spirit
. It is an amazing way to tap into reality of what is actually happening to you, staying in the moment, staying present opening your thoughts & feelings.

It helps me develop skills in using both sides of my brain, enabling me to be both creative & logical.

For me using this breath pattern is dramatically calming to reduce anxiety, fear worry by accessing uninvited pain & uninvited anxiety that is in the moment.

It helps me to develop my intuition where & what may have caused physical pain & also triggers that may create anxiety & stress. Helping me see through challenges & barriers.

Come, On….Be kind to yourself! Are you ready?
Invite yourself slowly into breathing in & out. Develop communication between the breath, mind & your body. for your well-being & your mental health.

Build a breath awareness practice over 10 days developing skills in managing uninvited pain & anxiety. Develop tools, you already have! To Reduce pain, anxiety & stress. Encourage relaxation calm logical thinking & creativity.

Accepting & observing your resistance if you have any; by simply breathing in & out through the nose.

DAY1: Inviting the body to be aware of the breath. Inhaling & Exhaling in & out through the nose for 1 MINUTE.

DAY 2-4: Inhaling 5 seconds, holding 5 seconds & exhaling for 5 seconds. FOR 2 MINUTES.

DAY 5-7: Inhaling 10 seconds, holding 10 seconds & exhaling for 10 seconds. FOR 2 MINUTES.

DAY 8-10: Inhaling 20 seconds, holding 20 seconds & exhaling for 20 seconds. FOR 3 MINUTES.

Are you ready? Subscribe now to start! Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga YouTube Channel 10 day Breath Awareness Practice.

Author: Satya

I am a fully qualified and practising holistic therapist, with a passion for holistic health and yogic life with over 10 years kundalini yoga experience. My given kundalini yogic name is ‘Satya Prem Kaur’, which means Princess of truth and love. I first tried kundalini yoga, looking for change in deep rooted habitual patterns, which I felt and began to realise was not only blocking me from my truth, but my creative potential. I began to attend regular classes workshops and retreats, and eventually after two years embarked on a transformative journey to become a level one kundalini yoga instructor. Kundalini is the yoga of science, and transformation. It open’s you up creative awareness, which works directly on the total energy of the seven ‘Chakra’s’. My growth in the benefits to the mind, body and soul has deepened with my kundalini practice, leading me to specialise in Meditation, Mantras, Food and the Mood, Cleansing practices, Feminine energy and the Breath. Sharing the teachings, not only in classes, workshops, one to one, blogs, personal practice and social media.

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