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Finally.. You have the time

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In the midst of these chaotic times, when there is ‘Pandemonium’. How can we stay calm and steady? How can we relax, sleep? Reduce stress, or even stay calm, stay connected to self in making decisions and actions without self-judgement or self-criticism.

How can we reduce stress-producing patterns?

Using the dynamic technology of ‘Kundalini’ Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga Meditation & Holistic Health will be ‘Streaming Live’ weekly. To support and help you in building a regular deep meditative practice that will encourage and support the glandular and nervous system to release tension and promote deep relaxation.

Your invitation awaits; for you to join weekly group sessions. These are dynamic ’Kundalini’ techniques’. Meditative postures, breathing, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Crystal Therapy and the use of sound to maintain your health and well-being.

Welcome to Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga group social distancing with a difference. I will be delivering to you in your home guidance and support in how to build your immune system, build strength internally and externally, in your body and life.

These sessions offer you time to build consistency in becoming more focused, physically fit, release tension and regenerate, encouraging ultimate relaxation.

Using the technology and science of ‘Kundalini’ breathing techniques will strengthen the lungs; stretching and movement will strengthen the body and aid flexibility. Meditation and sound current will release and reduce negative habitual thought patterns to welcome calm and peace to the mind.

The infusion of Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Crystal Therapy practice will develop new life skills in regaining order and peace in your home and enhance your well-being for the mind, body and soul to bring you into a state of calm.

The time is now, create the space, create the time to encourage a sense of calmness and clarity in navigating through daily life and the challenges it may bring.

Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga Meditation & Holistic Health will be

‘Streaming Live’ weekly. To support & help you in building a regular deep meditative practice.

Tuesdays 2pm-2.30pm Classes can be booked online, through MoveGB or via paypal link

*Weekly Classes will be Live Streaming using the online platform ‘Zoom’ Tuesdays 2pm-2.30pm

To Register your interest please send your details to

* For regular updates, information during these rapidly changing & challenging times please follow, like & share all Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga & Satya Prem Kaur Social Media platforms. Facebook:

Instagram @satyapremkaur

Author: Satya

I am a fully qualified and practising holistic therapist, with a passion for holistic health and yogic life with over 10 years kundalini yoga experience. My given kundalini yogic name is ‘Satya Prem Kaur’, which means Princess of truth and love. I first tried kundalini yoga, looking for change in deep rooted habitual patterns, which I felt and began to realise was not only blocking me from my truth, but my creative potential. I began to attend regular classes workshops and retreats, and eventually after two years embarked on a transformative journey to become a level one kundalini yoga instructor. Kundalini is the yoga of science, and transformation. It open’s you up creative awareness, which works directly on the total energy of the seven ‘Chakra’s’. My growth in the benefits to the mind, body and soul has deepened with my kundalini practice, leading me to specialise in Meditation, Mantras, Food and the Mood, Cleansing practices, Feminine energy and the Breath. Sharing the teachings, not only in classes, workshops, one to one, blogs, personal practice and social media.

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