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It’s Good Friday…

‘It’s Good Friday & all things are possible‘.

‘When nothing is certain anything is possible’

I am reflecting on the changes in life, that have encouraged us all to reset our lives. We are moving forward into new phases; this continues to send mixed signals, messages & directives that for some is challenging, or they must challenge, for clarity, to be heard & felt understood.

Book NOW to encourage & support a lifetime of change
Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga Meditation infused with Holistic Therapies is back at
Yoga Sara Studio Bristol

I invite you to book now, develop a mindful practice that will encourage peace & calm in navigating through life’s ups and downs.

This programme will support & guide you, by creating new patterns in how you make decisions and go about your daily life.

Releasing you from stagnant stress & persistent barriers from repetitive behaviours, that move you to procrastinate. Procrastination can lead to an imbalance in judgements and decisions.

Come along to Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga Meditation infused with Holistic Therapies.

Introduce yourself to a mindfulness practice that teaches you how to empower your lifestyle, decision making & actions in order to live a more fulfilled life.

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It’s Good Friday and it is time to Share Good News.

July 28th we will be returning the wonderful blissful space Yoga Sara.


What to Expect
A programme of 4, 6 or 8 weeks sessions of:
Themed Yoga Postures, Meditation, Sound, Yoga Nidra, Holistic Therapy & Well-being.
For Inspiration, Challenges & Guidance a set programme of Kundalini Yogic Anatomy & Energy, Lifestyle & Philosophy.

Back, feeling Bright & Beautiful

Due to social distancing:
All sessions are now in a block booking format. This will allow you to be safe whilst inviting you to build a personal practice by committing to the course. Each course must be Pre-Booked & Payed directly with myself Satya.
Via Website or

For more information & bookings please
Telephone: 07904315484
Direct Message:

So all that’s left is to Bring an Open heart, Open Mind; Your Water bottle, Yoga Mat, or something padded & something to Cover yourself during Deep Relaxation.

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Special Announcement…

I am so excited to announce that, following the Government announcement

Yogasara will be re-opening on the 27thJuly!

YOGA SARA have read the Government guidance in detail, and have put into place safety measures so you can practice in a relaxed and safe environment.


I am also Super please, Super excited! To Share Kundalini Yoga will be returning:

Tuesday July 28th

Bare with…more updates will follow soon.

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Sunshine Out Door Yoga

In the midst of what I call topsy-turvy information, directives & updates the time is now…


I have been blessed to reside in an area of Bristol that holds a blissful organic green ‘Breathing Space’ a large green open space.
Come along & create a time for peace, calm, leisure, recreation & self-love to maintain your Well-Being & Mental Health in an open space that allows you all to free & adhere to social distancing.
All ages, all levels no experience needed.
Each Outdoor Kundalini Yoga sessions will be for approximately 1.5 hours, by donation although no one will be turned away.
If there are rain drops & Chills, classes will continue via zoom on registration & payment you will receive access to this link.
Although, Space is unlimited I have only seven yoga mats available for use.
For more information safety, punctuality & clarity of numbers please register your space direct via phone 07904315484 email or DM @satyapremkaur via Instagram.
To ensure ease in finding location & a little chitter, chatter before session please arrive 1.30pm for a 2pm start.
How Can I Take Part?
Contact me direct to register, leaving your name & contact number. Make your donation on registration you will receive location.

The Path to freedom

Freedom is all around us.

What to Expect?
Learn a practice to help & assist you through day to day living.
Outdoor Yoga fun & freedom Creative flow of energy through Guidance & Support in Stretching, Breathing, Sound Affirmations & deep relaxation to maintain your Mental Health & Well-being.
What Should I Bring?
Yourself, Children or Both. An open heart & open mind. Water to drink. Something to lay on & a blanket or shawl to keep warm during relaxation.

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10 Day Breath Awareness Practice

I have not posted in a while. I felt a call to share this practice with you all again. It is truly a way to breath life into your ‘Being’ to reach into your self, to reconnect the ‘Mind’ and the ‘Body’.


60 seconds for a breath sequence that will invite you to ‘Minding’ your own business. The Busyness of life….that can take over and take you away from truth and balance.

‘Minding Your Own business’

Releasing and reprogramming roaming thoughts, stress or anxiety; to bring the mind and body together for you to be able to be happy, be sad, laugh, cry, relax or be energised and active to go about your business and your daily life in a fruitful manner and most of all stay present.

‘BREATH It’s your gift of life, your life…so breathe.