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Outdoor Yoga for Blissful Bristol Beings

In the midst of what I call topsy-turvy information, directives & updates the time is now.

Time & time again I am asked to hold a space for children, parent’s, guadians. Time & time again…I just could not find the ‘time’ & or space to facilitate this request.

I happy to announce I can facilitate Outdoor Yoga in Bristol, in this space weather permitting, for all ages.


For many weeks now, schools have been closed. Parents have been home schooling. Many have been working from home or out of work. These time is unprecedented and have become hard for some mentally and physically.

Recreation is a must for little beings to help their minds and bodies grow and develop so they can achieve their maximum potential.

Outdoor Yoga for Bristol Based Children

I have been blessed to reside in an area of Bristol that holds a blissful organic green ‘Breathing Space’.

Come along & create a time for peace, calm, leisure, recreation & self love to maintain your Well-Being & Mental Health in a open space that allows you all to free & adhere to social distancing. All ages, all levels no experience needed.

Each Kundalini Yoga sessions will be for approximately 1.5 hours, by donation although no one will be turned away. WEATHER PERMITTING

Although, Space is unlimited I have only seven yoga mats available for use. For more information punctuality & clarity of numbers please register your space direct via phone 07904315484 email or DM @satyapremkaur via Instagram

What to expect? Outdoor Yoga fun & freedom Creative flow of energy, music mantra, relaxation & support & Guidance to maintain your Mental Health & Well-being.

What should I bring? Myself, children or Both. A open heart & open mind. Water something to lay on & a blanket or shawl to keep warm during relaxation.

Let’s connect & discuss this…follow like share comment on facebook & instagram. Would you like?

Weekly outdoor sessions for Bristol Children & Parents?

Weelky outdoor session for Bristol Adults Only?

Weekly outdoor session for Bristol Children Only?

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10 Day Breath Awareness Practice

Tune in to Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga YouTube Channel.

You are invited to develop a breathing sequence to support your mental health & well-being….that your amazing body has already been cultivated to do!

Reconnect your mind & body to work together to support & guide you in navigating through lifes ups & downs.

Using the breath we can connect our thoughts, emotions & feelings into welcoming, identifying & releasing physical pain, stress, anxiety, tension & even manage higher & lower moods.

This is in you! In your being!…You just forgot, how to tap into reality of what is now using your breath.

Fun Fact…You use it tearing off a plaster! Giving birth, laughing at a joke, crying about something sad, getting in a hot bath…eating ice cream…save the best until last hitting your elbow, or stubbing your toe!

You inhale, hold your breath welcome the thought, pain, emotion, deal with it & exhale your breath letting it go.

However when life’s curve balls come & go, & we hit ups & downs, things can get too much & we just forget to breathe. Starting a cycle of physical tension & sometimes pain; we cannot, struggle to even identify the causes of stress & tension. Things then rise as dis-ease in the whole body. We can also become stressed & anxious leading to depression or bouts of low moods.

This short Breath Awareness Practice invites you to remind the mind & body to work together by communicating through the breath & body; Welcome, Identify & Release what no longer serves you purpose or better still supports & guides you into clarity. Clarity will help you navigate through life & give you a depth of understanding.

Seeing habits & patterns that may trigger moods or identify areas of pain. Giving you a sense of control & confidence to see both the positive & negatives & to know ‘when, why & how’ to energise & relax the mind & body to maintain your Well-Being & Mental Health.

Just taking 1 short minute to breath in deep & long, still the body & breath out deep & long will support & guide you to see, feel & experience what is really going on in the moment…not the past, not the future.

Do you have 1-3 minutes?

Tune in to ‘Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga YouTube Channel’ for the Breath Awareness Practice for Mental Health & Well-being. A simple, but powerful practice to help you navigate through these unprecedented times.

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1 minute Yogic Breath

10 Day Breath Awareness Practice

Well done you’ve done the Math 60 seconds = 1 minute! Inhale 20 seconds, hold the breath in 20 seconds, Exhale 20 seconds!

Using the breath to encourage calm & relaxation can be a great benefit to the physical & emotional body, especially when experiencing pain, tension anxiety, worry or fear.

I use it to tap into happiness, joy, what made me feel happy, laugh & what I am grateful for. I also use it to manage my moods to identify anxiety or stress the cause & use it to manage issues, problems or a stressful situation. I feel it benefits me in identifying uninvited pain & anxiety too.

Openness to feeling one’s presence & the presence of spirit
. It is an amazing way to tap into reality of what is actually happening to you, staying in the moment, staying present opening your thoughts & feelings.

It helps me develop skills in using both sides of my brain, enabling me to be both creative & logical.

For me using this breath pattern is dramatically calming to reduce anxiety, fear worry by accessing uninvited pain & uninvited anxiety that is in the moment.

It helps me to develop my intuition where & what may have caused physical pain & also triggers that may create anxiety & stress. Helping me see through challenges & barriers.

Come, On….Be kind to yourself! Are you ready?
Invite yourself slowly into breathing in & out. Develop communication between the breath, mind & your body. for your well-being & your mental health.

Build a breath awareness practice over 10 days developing skills in managing uninvited pain & anxiety. Develop tools, you already have! To Reduce pain, anxiety & stress. Encourage relaxation calm logical thinking & creativity.

Accepting & observing your resistance if you have any; by simply breathing in & out through the nose.

DAY1: Inviting the body to be aware of the breath. Inhaling & Exhaling in & out through the nose for 1 MINUTE.

DAY 2-4: Inhaling 5 seconds, holding 5 seconds & exhaling for 5 seconds. FOR 2 MINUTES.

DAY 5-7: Inhaling 10 seconds, holding 10 seconds & exhaling for 10 seconds. FOR 2 MINUTES.

DAY 8-10: Inhaling 20 seconds, holding 20 seconds & exhaling for 20 seconds. FOR 3 MINUTES.

Are you ready? Subscribe now to start! Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga YouTube Channel 10 day Breath Awareness Practice.

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Isolate to insulate…

A Path to Freedom

Life comes with natural ups & downs. Sadness, laughter, trauma, grief, joy, happiness & love….

But it is how we move through these experiences that create & develop a space in our mind, body & souls that create moments of laughter, happiness & euphoria or sadness, depression & tears.

These experiences can help create a ‘lift’ & develop love, compassion, empathy & happiness for your well-being that encourage high moods freedom & flexibility in the body onlong with laughter.

These same experiences can help create a ‘down’ & develop sadness, depression, tears, sicknesses poor health & reoccurring trauma.

Laying in the physical body appearing as pain, or transfer in the emotional body as stress & depression. Or lay in the physical body as flexibility, freedom, good health & happiness.

We can make the choice to experience & support these experiences, by living in the moment. Taking the good, bad & then letting go, when it no longer serves purpose.

‘This is easier said than done!

Kundalini Yoga Meditation is ‘Assisting the body to release & let go of physical tension by using the breath to encourage relaxation in the body & movement to aid tension & gain flexibility‘.

‘Reminding the mind, body & soul of love, laughter & compassion to create & maintain a better state of your wellbeing’.

Kundalini Yoga Meditation is simply science & technology that invites you to use the breath, postures, movement & sound to encourage a better state of mind in order to support your well-being.

Take this time of….’Isolation

Isolate to insulate…

Whilst you are in ‘Isolation’…use this time, to do what is natural breath… Use the breath to inhale & exhale building the nervous & glandular systems.

Observing your body, physically & emotionally to unrecord trauma in the body to help & guide you into empathy & self love.

Insulate your body by creating a space of Love, empathy & compassion to support you in creating new paths & energies that will guide you through life’s ups & downs.

Tension is frowning, stress is rapid speech leading to aches pains & headaches.

Flexibility is smiling, laughter & freedom of movement. The calm of the breath & speech.

Do you have 3 minutes?

There is no better time, make no excuses…Isolation makes time for insulation.

You can now….Like, share, comment subscribe You Tube Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga.