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Summer is done…

Just like that Summer is done! We move into a new month.  We start to mourn, the warmth of the Sun, as dusk creeps into the light of days, making them shorter and shorter.

The words of poem, resonates within my soul…“Come again, Come again, Come back to me”.  I felt the strong pull, the words, came to me asking, calling for Summer to come back to me, “Bringing the Summer, Bringing the Sun”.

The last Bank Holiday of the year, for me, was a ritual of loving the Sun, loving the warmth and the love, laughter and joy the Sun brings when your in good company.  A time to really give thanks, gratitude be grateful for the longer light of the day, the warmth on my skin.

This Bank Holiday was different, no ritual of loving the Sun, loving the warmth and the love, laughter and joy the Sun brings….Thanks and gratitude was replaced with reflection, achievements, loss, grief….Grief for the Summer coming to an end…Without me finding ‘Joy’ “joy the Sun brings” to be grateful, have gratitude.

What is different? I didn’t dance to the beat of my soul, bask in the Love, laughter and joy the Sun brings.

So now, my Soul is mourning, the Sun…Before it’s truly gone, feeling reflective, sourcing memories from beyond this past year…Today remember, be grateful have gratitude of the joy the Sun brings. Just like that, Summer is done!

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Love Yourself first…

Loving yourself, is one of the greatest things you can do….it is the greatest romance, you will ever encounter.

With clarity  I see, feel and understand, I lost love….my love for myself. It sent me down a road of lost passion, joy, fun and laughter. Into a road of moaning misery as I was unfulfilled, lacking zest for life.

I am now on the road to the greatest romance…with myself, go on be you, to love you.

I can write this with integrity, as I am writing the feedback from people who love and see me, I say see me…because only you know your self best and others can see and experience you for your authenticity.

Life is really quite simple, find the things you love and keep doing them. Your heart and soul will become strong and bright with peace, joy and happiness.

Mind you, this does not mean, you will always be laughing and smiling.

Let’s think about it for a minute. When the human body, is at peace and relaxed, how does it react?

When there is no tension and frustration the body is flexible and has movement and will co-operate to relax, sleep and sit without physical and emotional fatigue.

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Changes for Change.

It’s is definitely time to make changes for change.

It’s baby steps but I am doing things differently to have a different outcome.

It’s funny how an element of fear and resistance set in when your on the brink of a new pattern, action, pathway to a better outcome.

I have not quite got my perfect day…perfect routine, however there is calm, no rushing, no anxiety. I use my breath, respect my breath and breath into my existence.

Changes for change…..

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Is it better to free your mind? Or live in blissful ignorance?

Red Pill, Blue Pill

Do I take the ‘Red Pill’….willing to learn the life-changing unsettling truth. Or the ‘Blue Pill’, to remain in contented ignorance.

Every day, we have a choice to seek and learn or continue walking in the wilderness.

Today is a brand new day, What are you going to choose, Red Pill? Blue Pill?