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Yogic & Holistic Life With Satya Prem Kaur

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Made in Bristol Gift Fair

I am so excited to be taking part in the Made in Bristol Fair…Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th December at COLSTON HALL

Bristol Gift Fair

Made in Bristol, use your Bristol £

Busy Creating with Love, 100% Handmade, Natural, Authentic Organic Whipped Body Butter infused with Essential Oils to balance Your Chakra Energy…

Come & Explore an Holistic approach to stress relief, uplifting your energy to nourish your Mind, Body & Soul


The Eighth Chakra

We are approaching busy times …that can create a loss of balance, calm & harmony to self & life leading stressful times.

A life of stress is faced by those who forget living, and start hassling. When you are just living, there is no stress because you live as breath comes in– Yogi Bhajan

Come along to Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga & Meditation to Polish your ‘Aura’ Keep your Radiance & Glow…to be Great & Full.

Today 2pm-3.30pm Yoga Sara Bristol. Where we will be

‘Strengthening the Aura’


‘Protect & Project

The ‘Aura’ combines the effects of all the Chakra’s & constitutes their total projection.

The ‘Aura’ projects & protects.

Kundalini Yoga gently way to finding your path to Creating & setting healthy boundaries…knowing your limit…keep your ‘Soul Glow

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The Sky is Limitless!

Last week, truly blessed week. Feeling so much gratitude & love….I am truly bursting with tenacity!

Satya holistic flow…

Back on my yoga mat, coming home to ‘Yoga Sara’ Bristol sharing the teachings as taught by Yogi Bhajan with Satya. Tuesdays 2pm-3.30pm.

Find me on instagram @satyapremkaur

Class offerings £10

For bookings with MoveGB click on the link:

The door is open for Chakra Amour Therapies!

Holistic Health & Well-being Treatments at The Bristol Therapy Rooms Yoga Sara BS6 5QA (just up stairs from the Yoga Studio)

For well-being follow, like, comment, share @chakraamour

Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Indian head Massage Thermal Auricular Therapy, Navel Therapy.

Treatments start from £25

with an offering of 1:1 Kundalinin Yoga & Meditation £45.

It is time for self care, book a class, treatment or both.

Treatment Price List


  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage £25

30 mins

Targeted for those vulnerable areas.

Using pre-blended oils to massage the back, neck and shoulders where tension accumulates, to encourage the immediate release of stress build up enabling you to completely unwind.

  • Face, Neck & Scalp Massage £25

30 mins

Using pre-blended essential oils, a gentle therapeutic pressure point massage is applied to the face, neck and Scalp. The sensitive pressure applied can detect crystalline deposits and blockages along the energy lines which correspond to imbalances felt within the body.

Unblocking these lines to restore the balance and promote self-healing and harmony.

  • Complete Body Massage £50


The body is massaged using firm movements to relieve areas of tension, using pre-blended essential oils, to aid relaxation of the mind and release tension.

This massage can encourage ‘relaxation’, ‘re-energised’ emotions and the physical feeling of tension release.

  • Indian Head Massage £45


An invigorating and soothing massage using tapping and stroking movements to release tension and clear energy blockages that cause aches and pains.

  • Thermal Auricular Therapies £40


A completely painless treatment. An ear candle made from natural ingredients, is placed into the auditory canal for a pleasant relaxing aromatic filled experience.

The face and neck are then massaged using gentle stroking and tapping movements. Completing the experience with firm pressure point holds to relieve and clear tension caused by headaches and blocked sinuses.

  • Navel Therapy £45


A completely painless treatment. A candle made from natural ingredients, is placed into the naval for a pleasant relaxing aromatic filled experience.

Warm oil is then poured on to the abdomen to relax the stomach muscles and introduce a feeling of calm to the navel nerves and stomach muscles,

The abdomen is then massaged using a firm strokes and kneading movements to release tension in the abdomen and bowel.

You are then invited to carry out gentle abdomen stretches to encourage the natural rhythmic flow of the bowel, abdomen.

This can assist in the relief of menstrual cramping, constipation, irritable bowel and aid digestive circulation.

  • Reiki £30
    45 mins-1hr

A natural and safe method of healing, gentle yet powerful without using pressure, manipulation or massage; it provides the recipient with whatever energy he or she needs to aid recovery or simply to promote harmony in mind, body and spirit, helping recharge, realign and re-balance their energy.

  • Reflexology Feet £45


Using the thumbs and fingers pressure is applied to points of the feet to follow energy paths.

The feet are cleansed and introduced to touch by warming the feet to aid flexibility to start the treatment.

  • Reflexology Hands £25

30 mins

Using the thumbs and fingers pressure is applied to points in the palm following energy path.

Reflexology treatments begin with a warming up massage and end with a warming down massage.

  • Aromatherapy Massage £45-£60


A gently therapeutic massage using light stroking massage movements. Using a unique blend of soothing essential oils to treat, ‘the cause and matter’ to dis-ease in the body.

The use of individually selected essential oils will encourage a state of well-being and harmony physically and emotionally.

  • Leg & Foot Massage £30


A deep pressure massage, to release tension and aid flexibility in both the legs and feet.

Using the thumbs and fingers to clear energy blocks and relieve aches and pains. Can assist in pain relief for ‘Plantar fasciitis’ and fallen aches.

  • Hand & Arm Massage £25


A deep pressure massage, to release tension and aid flexibility in both the hands and arm.

Using the thumbs and fingers to clear energy blocks and relieve aches and pains. Can assist in pain relief for tennis elbow & repetitive strain injuries.